ICD-9 Diagnosis Code 682.7

Cellulitis of foot

Diagnosis Code 682.7

ICD-9: 682.7
Short Description: Cellulitis of foot
Long Description: Cellulitis and abscess of foot, except toes
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 682.7

Code Classification
  • Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (680–709)
    • Infections of skin and subcutaneous tissue (680-686)
      • 682 Other cellulitis and abscess

Information for Medical Professionals

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An abscess is a pocket of pus. You can get an abscess almost anywhere in your body. When an area of your body becomes infected, your body's immune system tries to fight the infection. White blood cells go to the infected area, collect within the damaged tissue, and cause inflammation. During this process, pus forms. Pus is a mixture of living and dead white blood cells, germs, and dead tissue.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites and swallowed objects can all lead to abscesses. Skin abscesses are easy to detect. They are red, raised and painful. Abscesses inside your body may not be obvious and can damage organs, including the brain, lungs and others. Treatments include drainage and antibiotics.

  • Abscess
  • Abscess scan - radioactive
  • Amebic liver abscess
  • Anorectal abscess
  • Bartholin's abscess
  • Brain abscess
  • Epidural abscess
  • Intra-abdominal abscess
  • Pancreatic abscess
  • Perirenal abscess
  • Peritonsillar abscess
  • Pilonidal cyst resection
  • Pyogenic liver abscess
  • Retropharyngeal abscess
  • Skin abscess
  • Subareolar abscess
  • Tooth abscess



Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and deep underlying tissues. Group A strep (streptococcal) bacteria are the most common cause. The bacteria enter your body when you get an injury such as a bruise, burn, surgical cut, or wound.

Symptoms include

  • Fever and chills
  • Swollen glands or lymph nodes
  • A rash with painful, red, tender skin. The skin may blister and scab over.

Your health care provider may take a sample or culture from your skin or do a blood test to identify the bacteria causing infection. Treatment is with antibiotics. They may be oral in mild cases, or intravenous (through the vein) for more severe cases.

NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

  • Cellulitis
  • Orbital cellulitis
  • Perianal streptococcal cellulitis
  • Periorbital cellulitis

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